Charlett Wenig

North German based Designer Charlett Wenig explores new applications for products and materials in a close collaboration with science and technology.

The projects „Skull Cap“, „BoneCrowns“ and „Schmuckstücke“  are made of bones and explore the possibility of using this rarely used material. Bones are a material that are often overlooked and readily available in abundance.
With her background in Industrial Design, Charlett Wenig strives to achieve an intense interaction with different materials. In her current project „The Bone Project“ she develops new techniques to establish the material animal bones as a common natural material to be used , similar to  leather or wood. For this project, she closely cooperates with Chemists, Surgeons and Orthopaedics, Vets, Butchers and Anatomical Preparators . Previous results include modifying bones with different colouring techniques, lasering the surface as well as  bending and reshaping bones.
Charlett Wenig is constantly researching for new cross overs in design and science to develop new ways of interaction between the two professions.



2011, Posen Arena Design
2012, Magdeburg Romantik 2.0
2013, Bremen Hochschultage
2014, Bremen Hochschultage
2014, Bremen Bremen Interspace
2014, Hamburg Kampnagel
2015, Köln IMM
2015, Eindhoven Dutch Design Week at Piet Hein Eek